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Are chiropractic adjustments safe during pregnancy?

Are chiropractic adjustments safe during pregnancy? Absolutely! Not only are chiropractic adjustments safe during pregnancy, they are encouraged. Womens’ bodies go through many changes during those 40 weeks, and some of them can cause aches and pains throughout your body.

A number of those changes are more physical, like the increased weight and change in your center of gravity, but others are hormonal. Your body releases a hormone called relaxin throughout pregnancy that causes ligament laxity in order to prepare your hips to open for the birth of your baby. While that is very handy during labor and delivery, it can cause lots of grief up until then. This laxity often causes unwanted movement in your pelvis making everyday movements, like moving from sitting to standing, difficult and painful. Symptoms such as headaches, buttock and leg pain from stress on the sciatic nerve and that pesky abdominal pain known as round ligament pain can all be attributed to these ligament changes. By getting your pelvis leveled and spine adjusted, it allows for more fluid movements resulting in less pain. I often tell my pregnant patients and friends- these symptoms may be common, but that does not mean they are normal. You do not have live with this pain for 40 weeks just because you are pregnant! See a chiropractor and get adjusted, you will be surprised at how well you are able to feel.

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