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Athletes and Chiropractic – Should my student athlete be seeing a Chiropractor regularly or only when he or she gets injured?

ANSWER: Playing a sport in middle school and high school puts a lot of physical stress on an athlete, and we are determined to focus on prevention. At that age they are growing fast and developing stronger muscles and new movement patterns every day in practice.

It’s important that any imbalances or restrictions in movement are caught and fixed early in order to prevent injury. When your student comes into the office, a complete physical exam and gait analysis is done in order to establish a baseline for future reference. By asking the athlete to do some simple movements and tests, we can see where he or she may have movement restriction or imbalances that could lead to injury down the road. We are then able to come up with a plan to avoid those injuries. The plans can include chiropractic adjustments to restore movement, ART to release adhesions from old injuries or poor movement patterns, rehabilitation exercises to correct weaknesses or a variety of other techniques to heal injured tissues. By getting checked out and treated, your student athlete will see improvements in flexibility and mobility making them better suited to play their best during the next game.

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