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Dr. Kate Althans is now Webster Certified!

Dr. Kate Althans is now Webster Certified and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic protocol that is designed to help mothers through pregnancy, labor and delivery. The Webster Technique will feel, and look, much like other Chiropractic treatments, but is specific to the pelvis and sacrum while paying close attention to the nerves, muscles and ligaments surrounding the uterus. While chiropractic care in general can help with the common aches and pains that a woman endures during a normal pregnancy, Webster has outcomes that are important to a healthy labor and delivery.

More and more we are seeing women who need intervention during labor because labor slows down or stops progression. The three primary reasons for this are: insufficient uterine contractions, misalignment or too small of a passageway of the pelvis, and malposition of the baby. Webster addresses those three problems. It’s treatment goals include: reducing nervous system interference to the uterus; thereby increasing the effectiveness of each contraction during labor, aligning the pelvis to allow for easier and more comfortable opening during delivery, and decreasing tension in the ligaments attaching to the uterus allowing for optimal positioning of the baby.

With this information, it is no surprise that studies have shown more than 80% of women that received the Webster Technique throughout pregnancy experienced decreased labor time, decreased back pain during both pregnancy and labor, and were more likely to have a natural delivery (fewer incidences of cesarean section and epidural).

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