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“Pinched nerve” is a term that gets thrown around a lot. The definition is when a nerve gets trapped between two structures. This can be a nerve root trapped between a swollen disc and part of the vertebra, or trapped within the adhesions (or scar tissue) of a dysfunctional muscle.

When the nerve gets trapped like this, it often causes radiating pain, numbness or tingling down the arm or leg. Without these symptoms, a diagnosis of a pinched nerve is not likely.

The pinching feeling patient’s describe with turning a certain direction or bending a certain way is more likely caused by a restriction in joint motion or inflammation in the joint capsule and can be treated with a chiropractic adjustment. This is not a pinched nerve. A nerve entrapped by a swollen intervertebral disc is best treated by distracting the spine allowing more room for the nerve. And when a nerve is entrapped by muscle adhesions the best treatment is Active Release Technique (a soft tissue technique called A.R.T.). This treatment allows us to break up the adhesions without causing damage to the muscle or nerve, relieving the tension put onto the nerve. Many times, an injury to the spine or soft tissue can cause a combination of tissue damage. We examine, diagnose and use the specific treatments best for you and your injury.

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