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How To Relieve Headaches. How ART Treatments Can Stop Headaches For Good.


There is a solution for all types of headaches. We just have to identify the cause and determine the best treatment for yours. Dehydration, stress, sinus congestion and medications are all common causes of headaches.

Poor posture and the stress we put on our necks and shoulders is a common cause that often gets over looked. When the dysfunction stems from the six tiny muscles at the base of our skull (the occipital muscles) it causes tension headaches. This is usually described as tightness at the base of the skull running up the back of your head to your eyes or temples. As we look forward at our phones, computer screens and tablets, our necks go into flexion, allowing our head to come forward. In order to get our eyes level with the screen, we contract these tiny muscles to lift our head. The sustained contraction of these muscles results in muscle adhesions. Over time, these adhesions restrict our motion and this posture gets more difficult to maintain, causing headaches.


Chiropractic adjustments to the spine where these muscles are attached help to release this restriction, relieving the tension felt. However, if there are adhesions in those muscles, the headache will often return. By using Active Release Technique (a certifiable soft tissue treatment called A.R.T) we are able to break down those adhesions allowing those muscles to perform at an optimal level. There are many postural exercises that can be done in order to correct the poor biomechanics we all tend to use while at the computer. The result all of these techniques combined can get? Better neck movement, stronger, more comfortable posture, and no headaches.

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