Work Related Soreness

Were you injured while on the job?  Is sitting at your desk all day causing your soreness?

Many work related-injuries involve lifting or a fall. However, no matter what the injury, if you are in pain or unable to perform your job duties to the best of your ability, it is important you seek the care you need.

Workers’ Compensation Injury

Many work related-injuries involve a specific traumatic incident. However, no matter what the injury, if you are in pain or unableto perform your job duties to the best of your ability, it is important you seek the care you need.

At Spine & Sports Chiropractic, our staff is trained to work with Workers’ Compensation Insurance to assist with the process of claim submission and to make sure you receive your right to medical coverage. We have the experience in workers compensation chiropractic care to ensure proper communication with your employer and insurance company and, most importantly, to get you out of pain.

As chiropractors, we treat not only joint injuries, but can also help the healing process in your muscles and tendons. Acute or traumatic injuries, like those that happen while working, can cause sprains in your tendons and ligaments as well as strains in your muscles. These injuries can cause symptoms ranging anywhere from headaches to numbness and tingling to knee or elbow pain. Our treatment plans are developed to not only correct spinal dysfunction, but to facilitate the healing process of the surrounding tissues.

Conditions of Work-related injuries we see most often include
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Disc herniation
  • Muscle spasms
  • Back and neck sprains
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Hand/wrist pain
  • Carpal tunnel
Workers Compensation Chiropractic Treatments:
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Mechanical traction
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Back or neck belt fitting
  • X-rays
  • Active Release Technique
  • Rehabilitation therapy/exercises
  • Nutritional advice

Our doctors’ first job is to examine and diagnose your injuries using extensive knowledge of acute injuries and the technology available to us. It is then with our experience that we determine a treatment plan that gets you back to working at your full potential safely and quickly.

Posture-related pain

Do you often find yourself slouching? Have you experienced body aches that are primarily in the back, arms, neck or shoulders? Are these aches causing severe headaches and discomfort? Does muscle fatigue interfere with your daily life?

People with poor posture are likely to experience aches and pains throughout the body. The main areas affected include the head, neck and back. The reason that these parts are affected is because poor posture causes our ligaments and muscles to have to work extra hard in order to keep your body upright and balanced. Having a flexed neck or rounded shoulders for a long period of time, combined with a lack of adequate exercise/activity, causes muscle tension and fatigue.


There are several conditions that are caused by poor posture, including

  • joint degeneration
  • headaches
  • body aches/ tightness
  • muscle fatigue
  • rounded shoulders
  • bent knees
  • protruding stomach
  • spinal dysfunction
  • shoulder, neck and back pain

Poor posture causes our chins to stick out, which causes tension in both jaw and facial muscles. Many people with bad posture are prone to painful headaches, jaw painand neck pain.


We live in a flexion forward society, where driving, sitting at a desk, reading, watching t.v. and even standing with poor posture causes our flexor muscles (those on the front of our body) to work over time, while our extensor muscles (between our shoulders and our buttocks) to get weakened.  We need to be proactive in counteracting those dysfunctional positions we find ourselves in all day long.


Treatment and Corrections for Poor Posture

Each case of poor posture is treated in its own unique way. At Spine and Sports Chiropractic, you will receive a comprehensive analysis before any treatment can start.

Our treatments for poor posture include

  • chiropractic adjustments
  • flexion distraction
  • Active Release Technique
  • soft tissue massage
  • therapeutic exercises (exercises specific to you)



If you are suffering from a work related injury, please call our office today to see how we can offer you the best chiropractic care. 406.388.1446