Diet & Nutirion

The doctors here are very knowledgeable on easy diet changes you can make or the addition of quality supplements that can make big changes in healing and overall health. Supplementing our bodies with quality vitamins, supplements and minerals is a healthy choice to speed up recovery time and to promote overall wellness.


Diet and Nutrition

diet-nutirionSupplementing our bodies with quality vitamins, supplements and minerals is a healthy choice that can speed up recovery time and to promote overall wellness. Not all supplements are created equal, and it can be very confusing on what is best for each of us individually. We carry a complete line of physician grade supplements that can assist you on your road to recovery. At Spine and Sports Chiropractic, we provide nutrition counseling to patients in the Gallatin Valley and oversee the nutritional aspects of patient care. Our Doctors work with clients personally to identify and resolve complex or sensitive issues related to eating. We develop and implement individualized treatment plans to facilitate each patients’ progress.

What Is Clinical Nutrition?

diet-nutirion-copyClinical nutrition is the nutrition of patients in health care. It primarily incorporates the scientific fields of nutrition and dietetics byconnecting the relationship between disease/dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies.  There is a lot of information on supplementing available on the internet.  Our doctors use what we know to pin point a smaller amount of supplements that will be specific to your symptoms and goals.  We look at things like: what would heal you fastest, and what deficiencies you may have based on other medications you take and symptoms you present with.  Clinical nutrition is also used on athletes in order to significantly improve physical and psychological health for maximum performance and emotional well-being.
diet-nutirionThe quality of supplements you choose to take can make a big difference in your outcomes. The companies we work with were of the first to achieve three certifications for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This means that they have their products tested by multiple third parties to ensure that their supplements have exactly the amount of ingredients that is listed on the bottle. This can make a big difference when it comes to seeing change in how you feel, as well as making sure you don’t have adverse reactions with other supplements and medications you take. You can be sure that the doctors here will help you navigate the vast information available on supplements, and find what will be most beneficial to you.